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Different games might use similar stats that your character will build up. These stats will determine how their skills work. Some example stats might be shown like this:

HP - Health: Health is the general healthiness of your character. More HP means you can last longer in a fray of enemies. Just make sure you've got enough defense to absorb the deadly blows.

MP / AP / SP / Mana / etc. - Magic/ability points: Every game comes with a certain variable that is used for casting spells or using skills. Some games have this recover naturally over time. When you're low on this, that means you can't use skills (or spells) until you've recovered enough of your points to use them again.

STR - Strength: Strength. It's the basic variable for any game's melee attack. Strength is widely used in the melee classes who have swords and large weapons. It can also be used to determine how much stuff you can carry using a weight system.

INT - Intelligence: This stat is the mind of the character. The intelligence of a character is used in classes associated with attack magic skills, like Wizards or Mages. The more a character knows, the more skills a character can achieve (and the better that character can use them). It can also be used to determine your maximum number of magic/ability points and how fast it recovers.

WIS - Wisdom: Wisdom can be use as a natural resistance to magic. That character will know more about the magic's side-effects, and will resist it when the magic has been used on him or her. It can also be used to determine the strength of defensive and healing magic, the sort that Clerics and Paladins might use.

DEX - Dexterity: Dexterity is how well a character uses a weapon or piece of equipment. That character knows how well to take aim and how accurate their attack will hit the weak point of the enemy. DEX is mostly used in ranged classes. It can also be used to determine your armor class or defense skills, making you harder to hit.

CON - Constitution: Constitution is how easily a character recovers from an attack or injury. This will determine how quick their health will increase after being hit. CON will also determine how much health the character will gain when he or she levels up. It can also be used to determine your resistance to poison and disease type attacks.

RES - Resilience: Resilience is how quickly you recover from expelling lots of skill points. This will help you recover quickly, and will also determine how much of your maximum will increase when you level up.

DEF/AC - Defense/Armor Class: A natural defense from melee attacks. This might come in handy if you don't have a shield, which provides defense. There are two different ways Defense/Armor Class might work. The first way is determining if a melee/ranged attack hits. The damage taken from a hit will always be the full amount, but you won't be hit as often. The second way is for defense to give damage reduction, but you will be hit more often. If the two ways are compared side-by-side, you will see that in the end the same amount of damage has been done over the same amount of time.

Stat leveling

Master Leveling - Some games might use a master level to increase all the stats (without a player interference). In a particular class, the stats will increase according to it. Ex.: When you get a level, all your stats (STR, DEF, INT, WIS, etc) goes up +1.

Stat Building - When you level up, you are given a certain number of stats points to sort into your list. This is sometimes a hassle when you need a skill that requires stats you cannot afford for many levels ahead. This happen in most of actual games (like Ragnarok Online).

Individual Stat leveling - Every stat is leveled up individually. Different things your character does will increase different stats. For instance, attacking an enemy a lot will build muscle, or will level Strength.


Attributes are considered elements. Elements can vary a lot (mainly because the people like to mixture them). Here's a bunch of elements people regularly include in games:

Fire, Cold, Water, Earth, Grass, Poison, Lightning, Ice, Ghost, Spirit, Void, Chi, Normal, Ground, Air, Wind, Light, Holy, Undead, etc.

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