What is a wiki

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What Are Wikis?

A wiki is a series of pages that are customizable by the system operators, members and often even guests of the site. They are a great way for people to contribute to an overall site. Examples of wikis can be for encyclopedias (wikipedia), dictionaries, or specific projects such as this wiki which is used for everything about vbGORE.

Anyone can work on the wiki. They can fix typos, add/remove content, organize information, etc. This way everyone can take part of a project and not just the admin of the project.

Why a vbGORE Wiki?

The vbGORE wiki was decided as a great way for users to share information. As an open-source game engine, vbGORE is driven by the community more then anything. Without the community, vbGORE would be nothing. This allows users to work with the vbGORE admin to spread information and help out other users.

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