What Is Visual Basic

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Visual Basic 6 is the language vbGORE has been constructed with. While this is not the most recent entry into the Visual Basic line (Microsoft has further released Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 2005) it still packs a lot of power and ease of use for indie programmers and professional programmers alike.

More specifically, Visual Basic is a language developed by Microsoft as a RAD too (Rapid Application Development). That is, it is OOP (Object Orientated Programming) meaning it uses forms and is event driven, lending itself easier for those new to programming to pick up.

The term BASIC in Visual Basic is derived from a far older programming language, known as BASIC(an acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Basic was originally designed in 1963, by John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz at Dartmouth College, to provide access for non-science students to computers. At the time, nearly all computer use required writing custom software, which was something only scientists and mathematicians tended to do. The language (in one variant or another) became widespread on home microcomputers in the 1980s, and remains popular to this day in a handful of heavily evolved dialects.

Many different forms of BASIC have been created, such as QBASIC (Or Quick-Basic), Dark Basic, FreeBasic, PureBasic, BlitzMax, PowerBasic, TrueBasic and the amazingly popular Visual Basic, created by Microsoft. The BASIC line of programming still lives up to it's name, providing one of (if not the) easiest language to learn while still providing formidable programming power and allows the user to create a variety of applications.

To prove how simple Visual Basic is, here is the ever popular "Hello World" code most often used to teach programmers their first lesson:

<vb> Private Sub Form1_Load() Print "Hello World" End Sub </vb>

What the above code does is, upon running the program, it creates a form displaying the words "Hello World". Easy, right? Now get out there, and learn yourself some Visual Basic!

Visual Basic 6 is no longer updated or supported by Microsoft(c), so it is rather difficult to pick up your own copy. Some Visual Basic instructional books include a version of Visual Basic 6, and you can often find copies on auction sites such as Ebay.

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