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Release Notes

Released on May 4, 2007

A few random bugs were addressed in this release, nothing hugely special. A decent amount of changes for 2 days, though.

Change Log

Add - AcceptReqFinishQuest value to quests: Added a AcceptReqFinishQuest value to quests which requires the user to finish the quest by the ID specified by AcceptReqFinishQuest before accepting the quest they are trying to accept.

Fix - Accept quest object requirement message: Fixed the accept quest object require message to be sent to the user. Left out the Data_Send call after building the packet.

Remove - Heading from Server_ChangeChar packet: Removed the heading alteration from the Server_ChangeChar packet since I don't see any use for it. If the heading needs to be changed, it can just be done through the individual heading change packet.

Fix - User_ChangeChar: Fixed the User_ChangeChar routine to work more efficiently by using flags instead of updating everything when a single variable changes.

Fix - New map in map editor remaking the tile info: After you click the new button in the map editor, Engine_CreateTileLayers will be called so you don't see any map information from the last map. The information wasn't ever there, just the visuals had to be updated.

Fix - Data_Combo_SoundRotateDamage sending attack animation: Fixed the Data_Combo_SoundRotateDamage packet to make the attack animation show, which fixed the unarmed attacking animation to show.

Fix - Waterfall particle effect on high FPS: Fixed the waterfall's particle effect equation by removing the random clearing. I fixed the equation, then commented it out for those who want to use it.

Fix - Map editor issues: Fixed some problems with the map editor, like the save as crashing when pressing cancel.

Fix - Slash combo packet: Fixed the slash combo packet to add in the swing animation, which also fixed the NPCs attacking and reduced the player's attack packet size by 3 bytes.

Fix - Self-trading: Fixed the trading so you can't trade with yourself. The server won't allow it, and the client will check for it before sending to the server.

Fix - Trade window item rendering: Fixed the alignment issues with the trade window - antecedently had the items being drawn centered.

Fix - Tile select sheet invalid value crash: Added a small valid value check to help prevent the map editor from crashing on invalid values entered into the tile preview sheet.

Add - New timer system: Added a new timer system using a 64-bit timer Verrigan found, but contains a wrapper that returns it as 32-bit. The wrapper also calculates the offset, allowing it to prevent a roll-over from 25 days after the program started, not after the computer started. Because some of the ways the engine calculates values by default, it doesn't work starting at -(2^31) instead of 0, which would double the time, but maybe some day that fix would be made. Shouldn't be needed; Though, in most all cases.

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