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It is important that if you contribute to the vbGORE wiki, that you do it correctly. Please try to follow these guidelines if you can. The vbGORE wiki does not retain to a strict style, but it is important that the style is similar throughout all pages and each page is organized and easy to read.

Common Formatting

New Page / Page Linking

To create a new page, it is easiest to first (if possible) create the link to the page in the area you want it to be linked to. For example, if you were writing a custom feature guide, you would go to the main page, click "Custom vbGORE Features" and add a new link. To make the link, go to Edit and go to the appropriate section. Links are done by the following format:

[[Main Page]]

Main Page

The double brackets [[]] indicate that it is an internal link to another wiki page. From here, you can just save the page, click on the link (which should be red since the linked page has no content) and click Edit on the new page.

If you want to give the hyperlink text a different name then the linked to page, you can do the following:

[[Main Page|This is my page text!]]

This is my page text!

If you wish to link to an external page, you just use a single bracket []. Example:

[http://www.google.com Google]

Creating Headers

One huge part of wiki organization is using the headers for sections and subsections. This is done by using the following text:

 == Header 1 == 
 === Subheader 1 === 
 === Subheader 2 === 
 == Header 2 == 
 == Header 3 == 

That is all there is to it! Using this will automatically create the table of contents for you. If you do not want the table of contents to display, though, use the following tag:


Creating Descriptions

A great way to explain the meaning of certain words is by using the following format:

This is the description of your text.

This is done by using the following code:

;Example: This is the description of your text.

Grammar and Spelling

One of the key parts about a wiki contributing is using proper grammar and spelling. If you do not natively speak English as a primary language, you can either try your best and use the {{cleanup}} tag in the appropriate area. You can also include extra information in the Talk pages of the article.

Cleanup, Stub and Badcode Tags

The vbGORE wiki uses three different tags:

The cleanup tag, written by placing {{cleanup}} in the wiki page, will place a banner on the page stating it needs to be cleaned up. Use this tag on pages that have improper / unorganized formatting, bad spelling or grammar, or other similar situations.
The stub tag, written by placing {{stub}} in the wiki page, is for pages that need more added to them. This is mainly intended for pages that are just too short.
The badcode tag, written by placing {{badcode}} in the wiki page, is used for pages that have Visual Basic code that has been reported as either buggy or does not work. Only use this tag on pages with code in it and code that you yourself have tested and found to be buggy. It is vital that you include information why you added this tag in the article's talk page!
The oldcode tag, written by placing {{badcode}} in the wiki page, is used for articles that have become so outdated that they are no longer applicable in the current releases of vbGORE. Use this tag only if an article is so outdated it is hard to follow - buggy code should not be tagged with this.

Adding Code

Code can be added with the tags <x></x>, where x is the abbreviation for the language. In most cases, you will only be using Visual Basic 6 (VB), PHP or SQL. Over 30 languages are supported, though, just in case.

Example (view the source to see how it works): <vb> Dim i As Byte </vb>

Deleting Pages

Unfortunately, only sysops are able to delete pages, so if you find a page that you feel should be deleted, place

[[Category:Pages to Delete]] 

at the bottom of the article. This will place the page in the category Pages to Delete which makes it much easier for a sysop to get to and delete.

Note: A page should only be recommended for deletion if it fits into at least one of the following categories...

  • It consists entirely of spam (whether it be links or random numbers and letters) and has been that way since its creation.
  • It is a redundant page (i.e. a page talking about a workaround to a bug that was fixed several versions ago). Be careful though, there are some pages that, even though they may not be of use regarding the current vbGore version, may be useful for historic or even nostalgic reasons.

At the end of the day, if you aren't entirely sure, post it up on the Talk Page of the Pages to Delete category, along with your reasons for it being deleted.

What Not To Use The Wiki For

The wiki is not a place for questions or comments about vbGORE. If you have a question or comment about the content on a page, please write the application essay at acne scar treatment Talk / Discussion page tab located at the top of the wiki page. If it is a critical question or comment and you are afraid that no one may notice it in time, please post a reference to it in the vbGORE Forums.

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