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Skills are essential for a good MMORPG.

Skills are special abilities/powers a certain character or class has that makes them special. They can range from spells that increase stats or skills that do fatal blows toward the opponent. Stats.psd.jpg

Well Known spells include:

Cure/Heal: This is the standard increasing your life spell. Ussualy it comes in sizes(small cure/medium cure/large cure for example).

Elemental magics: These are the sttacking magics and include fire, thunder, water, earth and others. They usually also come in sizes.

Holy/Dark: These are opposite each other and usually High level magic and sometimes class specific (only one class can use them)

Power Up: This increases your power for a limited time, whether strength or magical power.

Curse: Weakens opponent for limited time.

Poison: Opponents life constantly decreases.

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