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Using vbGORE for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, so here is a guide on how to get things running from start to finish.


First get a copy of the latest version of vbGORE from the Downloads section. Typically, the higher the number, the newer the version.

Choose what type of file type you wish to download. The options available are Zip, Rar, Exe and 7z. If you do not know a lot about extracting files from compressed folders, you will probably want to play it safe and get the EXE version, which extracts everything for you.

Important! If you do not download the EXE version, you will have to either download the libraries installation or set up the libraries on your own by extracting them to your system folder and registering them. If you do not want to take this step, either download the EXE version, or get the libraries self-installer.

Extracting The Files

EXE file users can skip this step

Once your download is done, it is time to extract the files. Go to the folder which you downloaded the compressed version of vbGORE and right-click the file. Depending on what kind of unzipping software you have, you will see different things. The typical thing to look for is "Extract" - click Extract To Folder, Extract To..., Extract To <filename> or something similar. This will extract the contents of the compressed folder to a new uncompressed folder.

Note that you do have to extract the files - do not just double-click the file.

More information here.

The MySQL Database Setup

As of v0.2.0, a MySQL database is required for the server and map editor to run. The following is a basic run-through on how to get your server ready. Please refer to the MySQL Setup page on this step.

Starting The Game

To start the game, you will first need to load the server, as stated above. The server is located in the default folder with all the other exes and has an icon of a black computer and is named GameServer.exe. Once that is loaded up (should take a second or two to load at most), load up the client, GameClient.exe.

Learning The Game Controls

The control scheme for vbGORE, I admit, is not the greatest. You can change all the controls through the source easily enough. In the following link is where you can find all the default controls. It is important to check it out because it also gives you a better idea of what is in vbGORE.

The default client controls can be found at the Controls page.

Other Languages

Dutch/Nederlands: Setup NL

Italian/Italiano: Setup IT

Russian/Русский: Setup RU

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