From VbGORE Visual Basic Online RPG Engine

vbGORE is developed under Visual Basic 6, so it is bound to Windows-based operating systems or using Wine under Linux. All information listed below are minimum requirements (and it can be running slow, e.g.: run the server on a 3000mhz is very different than run the server at a pc with minimum requirements).


Operating System: Windows 98 or later

Processor: 500mhz

RAM: 128 MB

Graphics Card: 16 MB with Direct3D 8 support

DirectX: 8.0 or higher

Disk Space: 50 MB free disk space


Operating System: Windows 98 or later

Processor: 800mhz (300mhz if you don't include the mysql and ODBC at the same computer)

RAM: 64 MB

Disk Space: 200 MB free disk space (includes space required for MySQL)

Database: MySQL 5.0 and ODBC 3.51

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