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The following is a list of pages requested to be added to the wiki. Please include significant enough information on the page you want to be made. Do not delete any pages from this list unless they are an unneeded pages, irrelevant to vbGORE, the requested page has been added or a page of similar content already exists. If the page does exist but does not contain the information you want, add the {{stub}} wiki code to the top of the page, then in the Talk or Discussion page for that page, add details on what you think it should include.

Pages in this list should appear in the following format:

  • Page Name 1: This is the description for this page and what it will include.
  • Page Name 2: This is the description for this page and what it will include.

Please make requests for more information on a requested page in the Talk page. Any pages that fail to expand on their description will be removed from the list after at least a week of being placed on this page.

Understanding vbGORE

Getting started TUT: for players who are having trouble getting started with vbGORE with wat progs are needed how to use those

Custom features

Custom features is the one exception where multiple pages per topic is allowed. For example, if three different methods of Player Housing was written, just title the pages Player housing 1, Player housing 2 and Player housing 3. Include information at the top of the wiki what varies your feature guide from others of its kind. Ask Spodi to move pages if needed.

  • Player housing: Player housing is a huge feature that is often a very fun addition to many online RPGs. Problem with the feature that prevented it being directly added into the engine was that it is very game-specific. Player housing is when a player can create their own house and/or buildings. How this feature is handled is completely up to the writer.
  • Guilds: Guilds is another huge feature denied from being directly added to vbGORE due to its diversity in ways it can be added. How the guilds are handled is up to the guide maker.
  • Custom name colors: Custom name colors refers to the idea of the server being able to specify different color of names for different players. This can be used to tag players by what guild they are in, their level, their access level on game (Admin, Game Master, etc) or whatever the guide maker chooses.
  • Player Jobs: Jobs such as mining, woodcutting, smithing, fishing, etc.

Understanding Visual Basic 6

There are currently no requested pages in this category at this time.

Active projects

There are currently no requested pages in this category at this time.

Misc pages

Remove Default Skills: A tutorial on how to remove the default skills from vbgore.

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