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PNG Monster is a PNG compression GUI designed to very easily compress large numbers of PNG files automatically with the lowest possible file sizes without any visual change.


Download PNGMonster.rar (529 KBytes)

Binaries and Visual Basic 6 source code included.

Update Nov 19, 2010 by Oddbrother: Updated the external programs used by PNGMonster.

Why compress

Theres two big reasons why you should compress your PNG files. First is the file size. If you are displaying PNG files on your web site or distributing them in archives with your games or applications, this will help reduce the download times and save you bandwidth. This improves both the end-user's experience and takes the stress off of your server.

The second advantage of compressing PNGs is faster loading times. This is primarily important for games. PNG files use Deflate compression which has a static decompression rate. In other words, unlike most other compression, no matter how much you compress the PNG file, the decompress time will not increase. How this translates into faster loading time is there is less disk reading, which is often the slowest aspect of any loading sequence.

While it is not recommended you just go and compress all the files on your hard drive just to save a little space or expect things to run faster, it is recommended you do so on your web sites or applications / games you release.


Open the file PNGMonster.exe and either enter in the directory you wish to compress and press Run or drag-and-drop the files you wish to compress into the log window. If you enter a directory manually, every .PNG file will be compressed for you, including sub-directories. All files will be written over with the compressed copy.

If you wish to get the most out of your file and the least out of your time, tick the Loop checkbox. This will create a loop of PNGCrush, OptiPNG, PNGOut and AdvPNG that will repeat until no more compression can be made. This will take significantly (anywhere from 2x to 10x) longer and the result is often no more than a few bytes less in size.

How it works

PNG Monster uses a variety of command-line applications that work in a range of ways, such as removing unneeded data segments and compressing with slightly different compression methods. All of the compression done with PNG Monster are from the following third-party applications (in order of use in PNG Monster):

  • PNGRewrite
  • PNGCrush with options -rem gAMA -rem cHRM -rem iCCP -rem sRGB -brute -l 9 -max -reduce -m 0 -q
  • OptiPNG with options -o7 -q
  • PNGOut with options /q /y /k0 /s0
  • AdvPNG with options -z -4

Please refer to the documentation on the individual programs for more detail on how they work.

Compression samples

Below is a list of comparisons of a PNG file's size before and after PNG Monster. Original PNG files are saved with Microsoft Paint.

All sizes are presented in bytes

Aeroplane.PNG Before: 735,078 After: 417,137 Ratio: 57%

assignment.PNG Before: 3,888,054 After: 180,224 Ratio: 5%

gpwiki_logo.PNG Before: 6,722 After: 5,943 Ratio: 88%


Before: 13,009

After: 8,076

Ratio: 62%

grandpa_book.PNG Before: 160,793 After: 104,863 Ratio: 65%

grubby_boys.PNG Before: 12,686,442 After: 7,799,861 Ratio: 61%

vbgore_game.PNG Before: 454,122 After: 383,998 Ratio: 85%

vbgore_particle_editor.PNG Before: 203,070 After: 167,936 Ratio: 83%

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