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The current version of the article is: Version 1.0

About the article

ORPG Design and Theory is a multi-page article written by Spodi that explains and discusses techniques of creating online RPGs. Because it is such a vast and diverse topic, most of the information has been narrowed down to ORPGs designed in birds-eye view and using Visual Basic 6.0. This does not mean it is limited to this, though. Most all the information applied in this article can be expanded to almost any online RPG, or even online game. All of the code is written in the very easy to understand language Visual Basic, and theres over 1000 lines of comments in the code, telling you what all of the code does and how it works.

Information covered

As much information as possible was attempted to be covered. The following is some examples of what is covered:

  • What it takes to make ORPGs
  • How binary works: Bitwise operators AND XOR and OR; Converting between binary and decimal
  • Bitwise compression and how it can be applied to packets and data
  • TCP vs UDP (information on both, and their pros and cons)
  • What is actually included in packets
  • Buffering packets
  • Creating byte array (binary) packets
  • Prioritizing packets
  • Server and client security
  • File and packet encryption
  • Methods of client updating
  • Data storing (binary files and databases)
  • Over 5000 lines of code!

All of the topics include in-depth detail on what they are, what they are used for, and show examples of how to use them.

Article demo

A demo of the article is published for view at the following link. This demo contains a very small fraction of the information published in the full version. The demo also does not include the 5000+ lines of code explaining the topics.

Click here to view the article demo


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