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This is a basic MySQL guide for vbGORE. Meaning that it cannot be applied to any other MySQL application. This guide doesn't even touch the skin of MySQL. However if you wish to learn more go to

Start SQLyog

To do this simple double click your SQLyog desktop icon.


Connect to MySQL Server

After configuring SQLyog in the Installation process, you can just click connect.


Open vbGORE database

If you had vbGORE as your default database just click the little (+) icon beside it. If not find vbGORE then click the (+) icon.


View Data

Each of the tables listed below is equivalent to a editor in older versions. to see the data right click the desired table (editor) then select view data. or you could left click the table and click 3 view table data on the bottom.


Edit Data

Now its very similar with the editors. You can see the fields with data, and all you need to do is click the field you want to edit and type in the new information. In the user table the password is encrypted. If you wish to start a new NPC or User just click the star (*) under all the rows. To find what each field means go here.



This is the most important step. Every edit you made you should save it. to do this press the save button.


Other Languages

Dutch/Nederlands: How_to_use_MySQL_NL

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