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Drasil ORPG (http://www.drasil.net) is an ORPG project aimed at giving players a large world that they are able to live and change as they play. Offering players vast options for player depth such as politics, religion, businesses and war, Drasil encompasses a large range of options for deep player customization.
Drasil Worldmap

Drasil Crew

Mapper, Graphics Designer, Content Developer.
Content Developer, Magic man.
Content Developer.



In the times before the Great Thunder Wars, it is said the land was one continent. One massive land, of mountains and fields so vast that even the eyes of the Old Gods had trouble watching them all. This continent, pure and unravaged by war, was home to many races of creatures, all living in total ignorance of one another. But after the Great Thunder Wars, when the Old Gods became enraged with their children, who had gained favour amongst mortals, and fought them with earthquakes and tidal waves all across the world, it is said the world split into two continents. Mountains plunged into the seas, plains became deserts, and land became scarce. The New Gods, having defeated their parents in the end, set about to save as many of their mortal wards as they could. Islands were raised up out of the depths the Old Gods had created, and new homes were established. There was room enough for all those who lived upon the surface of the world. The New Gods protected their lessers and helped them expand and propogate. But time wore on, and the New Gods became tired and no longer watched over the mortals. Soon thereafter, the Many Wars began. Elves warred with Humans, Dwarves warred with Orcs, and the known world fell into chaos. After two centuries of warfare, the Humans finally were able to break the Elvish armies in the Dying Fields, and turned them to rout. A decade of slaughter followed. No longer able to resist the Humans, the Elves were nearly exterminated- their only refuge the deepest of their forest sanctums. The Dwarves, defeated by the Orcs, dug deep into the stone and never again came forth. Orc and Human met many time during the years after the wars, and eventually the Humans again used their numerical superiority to break their foes. Forced into the most desolate lands in the West, the Orcs fell from power and were no longer considered enemies. The Humans had established hegemony over all the Western Continent. But what of the Eastern Continent? Did it suffer a similar fate? The Humans of the West could not help but dream greedily of the riches of the East. But no ship had ever sailed deep into the East and returned. Dreams faded, and the West focused on domestic matters, seemingly forgetting all about the unknown continent.

Drasil NPC Mage
Drasil. The Eastern Continent. Forgotten by the New Gods, Drasil had been left to fend for itself in the chaos following the Great Thunder Wars. Unlike in the West, the races of Drasil did not band together. Instead, great nations were formed by like-minded leaders of all races. Drasil saw its own wars, but its jagged mountain peaks and lush forests kept the new nations at bay. Four major nations were born: Vagharast in the far East, a great Empire rules by the Twin Emperors. Primarily occupied by Elves and Orcs, Vagharast is a massive nation of sparse population, kept together mainly by the force of the Twin Emperors. In the West of Drasil, three nations stand above all others. Olorun sits in the South, it's mighty navy patrolling the seaways of its island empire. A proud people, Olorunii are mostly Orcs and Dwarves. They love money and trade, and they are reknowned for their advanced science. Renolus and Matharia lay to the North, constantly at each other's throats. Although predominantly Human, both kingdoms are home to all four of the major races, though Matharia is known for its thriving Elven population while Renolus is famed for its ties with the Dwarves of the High Mountain. Peace does not grace these two nations for long, and war is no stranger to either of them.

Olorun, Renolus, Matharia. These three nations sit on the brink of something monumental. Something none of them had ever dreamed of. Drasil. The Eastern Continent. Forgotten by the New Gods, but not forgotten by all.

Story Evolution

The storyline is as much a living entity as the players that dwell within it. Each player makes his or her mark on the ever expanding storyline, and completes major quest chains for his or her affiliation (Hero (Positive) Anti-Hero (Negative) or Mercenary (Neutral)) to bring the game to one of four possible endings; Salvation of Drasil, Destruction of Drasil, Mutual Chaos or a Stalemate of all three. Players choose an affiliation early on, and their affiliation is hidden from player view, leaving it up to them how they portray and conduct themselves, and whither or not to share their affiliation with their friends, or hide it form their foes.

Players are able to shape the storyline by completing major quests (One-Time Only!) that may include one player or many. Each of these quests has a positive, negative and neutral outcome and are large game events. When the final quest is complete, it will be cannon with the previous storyline quests, and sets the tone for the End of Drasil's storyline.

At this point, Drasil's storyline will be updated with the events of the player's, including player names, and appropriate action taken within the game (Memorials, Statues) of notable questers. Drasil's updates will slow down as work begins on Drasil's expansion release, and with it the new un-finished storyline continuation. The expansion will be greatly affected in both lore and setting by the players that competed in the End of Drasil.

Player Creation

Players are encouraged to create custom items, shops, businesses, homes, towns, cities and governments. With such a strong economical backing, players are given the ever-present option of corporate corruption and greed, as well as economic salvation and war.

Player shops and item creation are handled online within The Forge, an online system of armor and weapon creation and retail. Items bought on The Forge are sent to the player's bank. For a player to sell items on The Forge, they must have place enough money into their Forge account (Alternate Bank Holding) to supply the materials to create each item they sell. Generating profit from these sales are the only way to guarantee market success and continued business. However, material prices fluctuate with the economy, and the business must evolve to shape these new prices and demands.

Businesses, homes, towns and cities are handled via Player Housing, which is created and managed by game staff, and is not automated. Different home models are available, and the build-time for each varies according to home size and complexity. Players may have an NPC put inside a home (any real estate) that links the user to their shop webpage or other information on services. Businesses may also contain banks (I.E. mining operation drop-offs for Forge supplies)

Player towns and cities are created when atleast three homes are within one visible screen of a map. Three homes are considered a village, and they must elect an official to represent them. This official may purchase additional buildings (NPC Shops, Banks, Services, Extra Homes, Etc) for their town. With additional buildings, comes the rank of Town and City. Player real estate may be bought and constructed on any map that has room for the building being constructed, and is not limited to private maps or areas. Buildings may contain locks, fences and NPCs.

Players are encouraged to fill a governing system for their Nation (Default is Oloron) within which they must create laws and establish order. Ranks within the Judicial system are Guard, Guard Captain, Judge, Senate and Ruler. Powers of each rank:

Arrest Player, Jail Player, Enforce Law
Guard Captain  
Arrest Player, Jail Player, Enforce Law, Organize Guards
Hold Trial, Banish Player (Temporary Ban), Jail Player, Exile (IP Ban) Player, Execute Player (Character Deletion)
Create and Pass new Laws, Consul Ruler
All Lower Judicial Powers, Declare War, Set Tax Rate

Laws are created by players and enforced by players. The Drasil ToS are enforced by GMs. GMs have no power over the player's judicial system. It is encouraged that laws are passed giving fair trial, and courtrooms are provided in most large cities.


Drasil 0.1.0 This is the first release of Drasil. Consider this BETA. We will be testing features, sorting out bugs and playing with social core systems. When all these features are complete and the graphics are put in completely seamlessly we will release.

Religion System, Politics System, Item Weight, Item Durability, In-Game Books (Opens Large Texts), Profile/Legend System, Paperdoll Integrated Graphics, Drain/Bind/Fear Spell, Player Interaction Ring, NPC AI: Guard, Summoned Mage, Summoned Healer, Summoned Ranged, Item Rarity, Improved Player Summons</nowiki>

Dark Artifacts

Drasil will play host to ten dark artifacts. Equipped items that grant the player vast amounts of power and influence in the world. Either found by a hero (positive), villain (negative) or mercenary (neutral) the Dark Artifacts will play an overcasting roll on the fate of the storyline. Their use will be one-time and they can be traded.

Custom Media

Sprites are made by Drasil pixel artists, and are not found elsewhere, aside from the base body, which is a vbGore community sprite.

Music is either developed by our musician, Brandon, donated to us through email or contact, or royalty-free. No music is ripped from games, engines or albums.

Release Status

Drasil will be released fully on December 3rd. No later, No earlier, No gimmicks.


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