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Death Theories

Instant Death• Not much to say about this one. Once you die you are instantly dead. After that the programmer can decide their 'post death' ritual.

Timed Death• Once the player is killed they have X amount of seconds to be revived before they enter post death. This can make a healer more valuable to a team so that they may heal/repair players. This also adds a slight level of tactics when building up a party as most would like to have a healer to delay or cancel death.

Item Drop• The item drop is enabled once the player is officially dead. An item is then dropped from the player's inventory where he/she died. Some people like this idea and others do not. One thing that could be added is a Drop/NoDrop flag that you could use to tell which items can and cannot be dropped.

Post Death Theories

Save/Checkpoint• This theory uses a checkpoint or a saving area as a way to come back to life. The way this method initially works is when a player enters a certain area they will either automatically get a checkpoint by entering the zone or a save point will be given by either using an interface option or interacting with something/someone in your current area. Initiating a save/check point will set that area/zone as where your character will be revived automatically upon death.

Ghost• Upon death the character will become a ghost, sometimes even starting in an area away from their body, such as a graveyard. When the character becomes a ghost, different views can take place such as not being able to see those who are alive and vice versa, although there is another option to allow the ghost to see other players but not allow other players see ghosts. Once a character becomes a ghost, there are several different ways a character can become one with their body again: being revived by a player, finding a person/object/location only visible to ghosts, or by returning to ones dead body.

Respawn Timer• After X amount of time the player will either return to life where they died or at a set location. This can be used in mix with other death/revival methods such as with the checkpoint system but with the added timer.

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