Creating a New Project Page

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So you have a cool new game you're coding and you want to let everybody in the vbGore community know about it, what do you do? Well, a handy way of storing all the information on your project in an easily accessible way is to make a "Project Page" for it.

What's a project page?

A project page is just an article on the wiki dedicated to your project. There are a bunch of them already here, just check out the Projects Category to find a list of them.

How do I make one for my project?

Well, first you need to make a new article, if you're unsure about doing that look up the guide in the Wiki Usage page. Once you've opened the editor for your new page you can then move on to adding the Project Page Template

Project Page Template

All you need to do to add the project page template is copy and paste the following wiki-code onto your page and fill in the blanks:

{{Project Page|

If you'd like an idea of how this project page template looks, head over to the Template:Project Page article.

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