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Movement & Combat / Targeting

The following commands allow the user to move their character and engage in combat.


walk: W A S D

Combat & Targeting

Attack: left click on npc


Buy from NPC: Right-click NPC vendor, left-click item in item window to buy

Get item description: Right-click item in inventory/vendor window

Set description: "/desc <description>"

Get item off ground: space

Display Options

These commands are all used to modify, use, or display certain menus or displays.

Hide/Show Inventory: Ctrl + w

Hide/Show Quick Bar: Ctrl + q

Hide/Show Chat window: Ctrl + c

Reset GUI Positions: F10

Close Windows: Escape

Zoom View In: NumPad '8'

Zoom View Out: NumPad '2'

Display Mini-map: Tab

Communication Commands

These are commands that can be initiated by any user for communicating with other players in the world or server a purpose of any communication form.


Command: Enter

The user may push enter to engage in chat or to enter commands that need to be entered through chat. When done the user clicks enter again to submit the message.

Read Mail

Command: Right-click Mailbox

Allows the user to check their messages in their mailbox that are sent by other players or admins.

Private Message

Command: "/tell <name> <message>"

Allows you to send a message to given players name so that only you and that user may see the message you have sent. This is often used for private chats or for messages only desired to be herd by the two users.


Command: "/shout <message>"

Sends a message to everyone.

Group Commands

Group Chat

Command: "/g <message>"

Sends a message to everyone in the user's group, if they are in a group.

Create Group

Command: "/creatg"

Allows the player to create their own group. They must not be a part of a group already.

Leave Group

Command: "/leaveg"

Makes the user leave the group they are in.

Invite to Group

Command: "/invite <name>" Invites a user to join your group. They must respond within 10 seconds to join the group.

Join Group

Command: "/joing"

Accepts an invitation to a group.

Misc Commands

Who`s Online

Command: "/who"

Lists inside the communication (chat) box what players or users are currently online.

Look Left

Command: "/lookl"

When used your character will look to his/her left.

Look Right

Command: "/lookr"

When used your character will look to his/her right.


Command: "/blink"

When used your character will blink.


Command: "/me"

Allows the user to type a message and instead of displaying as something the player said it will display it as what the users actions are. For example, typing the text:


Would come out as

<playername> says hi


Command: Keypad number from 0 ~ 9 (not in the keyboard)

Displays images above the user when the listed keys are pressed to show feelings of the player.

View Active Quests

Command: "/quest #"

If # is not specified or is invalid, then a list of the user's active quests is displayed by number and title. If a valid number is specified in the location of # (ex: /quest 1), the quest title and information is displayed.

Cancel Active Quest

Command: "/cancelquest #" or "/endquest #"

Cancels a quest as defined by #, where # is the ID of the quest in the list view with the "/quest" command.

Deposit Gold In Bank

Command: "/deposit #"

Deposits # amount of gold into the bank. Must be near a banker NPC to use.

Withdraw Gold From Bank

Command: "/withdraw #"

Withdraws # amount of gold from the bank. Must be near a banker NPC and have at least # amount of gold in your bank to use.

Bank Balance

Command: "/balance"

Displays the amount of gold you have in your bank account. Must be near a banker NPC to use.


Command: "/Trade <name>"

Requests a trade with the player who's name was inserted.


Command: "/quit"

Closes the client.


Command: "/help"

Brings up the help information, defined in the \ServerData\Help.ini file.

GM Commands

The following commands require the character to be marked as a GM. You need to edit vbGORE's users table in the database to set a player as GM (GM = 1 for yes, GM = 0 for no).

By default all players start as GMs! To change this open the TCP Modules file in the Servers folder. Look for line: 'This is for testing purposes only - remove this in any public release!

   UserList(UserIndex).Flags.GMLevel = 0 (Change the 1 to 0)

Summon Player

Command: "/sum <name>"

Allows the GM to bring/teleport a player to their location.

Approach Player

Command: "/appr <name>"

Allows the GM to teleport or appear at the location of given player.

Map Warp

Command "/warp <mapID>"

Warps the GM to the map by index <mapID>. The GM is set on the very first non-blocked tile found.

Kick Player

Command: "/kick <name>"

Kicks the player out of the game or in other words disconnecting them from the game at that time.

Raise Player's Experience

Command: "/raise <name> <exp>"

Raises the given players experience (or exp) to the given integer.


Command: "/thrall <npcnumber> <amount>"

Summons a number of NPCs by the NPC number. Thralled NPCs do not respawn.


Command: "/dethrall"

Kills all thralled NPCs in the screen.

Set GM Level

Command: "/setgm <name> <level>"

Sets user <name> to GM level <level>.

IP Banning

Command: "/banip <ip> <reason>"

Bans IP <ip> for reason <reason>. The reason must be specified. The IP must follow the format of x.x.x.x, where x is any number between 0 and 255.

IP Unbanning

Command: "/unbanip <ip>"

Removes the IP ban from IP <ip>. The IP must follow the format of x.x.x.x, where x is any number between 0 and 255.

Ban List

Command: "/banlist"

Displays a list of every IP and and the reason for the ban. Warning - with a lot of bans, this routine can become very slow and may even cause a crash!

IP Info

Command "/ipinfo <ip>"

Returns a list of every user who has logged in with the IP <ip> within their last 10 unique IPs they have logged in from.

Click Warping

Command: "/clickwarp"

Toggles on and off click-warping. When toggled on, right-clicking a tile will warp you to it (or the closest legal tile if the clicked on is not legal).

Item Search

Command: "/searchitem <name>"

Returns a list of items that contain the characters as written in the parameter <name>. List is ordered by item ID.

SQL Query

Command: "/sql <query>"

Runs a SQL query as defined by the parameter <query> on the database. Information is reported back to the GM running the command. Only certain operations are allowed to prevent abuse. By default, the allowed operations are SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE, OPTIMIZE, REPAIR, ANALYZE, BACKUP and FLUSH.


Command: "/kill"

Kills the PC or NPC that the user has targeted. Can not be used to kill yourself (to prevent accidental self-killing). Nothing is rewarded to the GM using the command, nor will NPCs drop items.

Kill Map

Command: "/killmap"

Kills every NPC on the map that the GM using the command is on. Same conditions apply to the killing as with using the /kill command.

Give Gold

Command: "/givegold <amount>"

Gives the GM <amount> gold.

Give Object

Command: "/giveobj <objindex> <amount>"

Gives the GM <amount> of object by index <objindex>. Recommended to use the /searchitem command to find the object index.

Give Skills

Command: "/giveskill <username> <skillID>" (or /givespell)

Gives the user by name <username> the skill by ID <skillID>. The User_GiveSkill function is used, so the same restrictions still apply that are in that, which is that the user must meet the valid conditions to have the skill.

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